Information security, visualization, and inverse problems, on the basis of optimization techniques


Plenary Speakers

October 21, 2010
David Kirk (NVIDIA)

"From Graphics to Computation"

October 22, 2010
Jianying Zhou (Institute for Infocomm Research)

"Achieving Fairness in Non-repudiation Protocols"

October 23, 2010
Jin Cheng (Fudan University)

"Inverse Problems in Industry: Modelling and Computation"
In this talk, we will present the recent works based on the correlation between our group and industry. The modelling and computation of the forward problems and inverse problems are stressed. By several interesting examples, we show that, the theoretic analysis of mathematical model and techniques of inverse problems are so important for giving the effective solutions for the real problems.

Invited Speakers

October 21, 2010
Yoshinori Dobashi (Hokkaido University)

"Visual Simulation of Natural Phenomena based on Computational Fluid Dynamics"
Visual simulation of natural phenomena has become one of the most important research topics in computer graphics. Such phenomena include water, fire, smoke, clouds, and so on. Realistic simulation of these phenomena can be achieved by solving a set of partial differential equations, called Navier-Stokes equations. In this talk, I will briefly review the Navier-Stokes equations and explain how the equations can be applied to the simulation of various natural phenomena. I will also explain some methods to control the simulation in order to produce desired visual effects.

Dietmar Hömberg (Weierstrass Institute)

"Manufacturing and processing of steel - a challenge for industrial mathematics"

Toh Kim Chuan (National University of Singapore)

"Semidefinite programming: algorithms and applications"

Tim Hoffmann (Technische Universität München)

"Deformations of planar quad meshes"

J.P. Lewis (Weta Digital Ltd./Victoria University)

"Scattered Interpolation in Computer Graphics"

October 22, 2010
Jung Hee Cheon (Seoul National University)

"Generalized Algorithm for Strong Discrete Logarithms"

Steven Galbraith (Auckland University)

"A Survey of Pairing-Based Cryptography "

Kazuo Sakiyama (The University of Electro Communications)

"Cryptanalysis and Side-Channel Analysis"

Isao Echizen (National Institute of Informatics)

"Mechanisms and Applications of Digital Watermarking "

Shigeo Takahashi (The University of Tokyo)

"Algebraic and Topological Approaches to Visualizing Complexities"
Extracting meaningful features in spatiotemporal behaviors of datasets has been a key issue in computer graphics and visualization, due to its ability to analyze and understand the underlying complexities. This talk provides two different approaches to this issue, an algebraic approach for characterizing the relationships among data samples and a topological approach for delineating data distribution into a skeleton-like structure. We applied these approaches to a variety of problems including watermarking 3D models, simulating group formations, enhancing volume visualization, and skeletonization of high-dimensional datasets.

October 23, 2010
Bob Anderssen (CSIRO)

"Recovery of Information from Stress-Strain Measurements"

Ryuichi Ashino (Osaka Kyoiku University)

"Wavelet and signal source separation"

Chen-Mou Cheng (National Taiwan University)

"Fast Enumerative Solver for Polynomial Systems over GF2 "

Takashi Kanai (The University of Tokyo)

"Triangle Mesh Modeling for CG Applications"

Monique Chyba (Hawaii University)

"Inverse Problems and Optimal Control"

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