Information security, visualization, and inverse problems, on the basis of optimization techniques

Registration for FMI2010/SGW & Contact

Registration for FMI2010/SGW

Early reigistration by 12:00AM October 20.

Please bring the registration paper from the below after the deadline.

Registration Format

Please send to us by email or fax.

Registration Format(sample)

Registration Format(doc file)

Registration Format(pdf file)

The 1st and the morning sessions of 2nd daysf Study Group workshop which is scheduled for proposing questions mainly from the industries are open to the public.

--For Non-academic participants--
Non-academic participants, e.g., inprivate enterprise, are kindly requested the registration of the Study Group Workshop in advance (before 15 October). We will later open the list of the participantfs affiliation to the public through our web-site.


Organizing office

Fax: 81 92 802 4405

Tel: 81 92 802 4404

Email: fmi2010(at)


Registration Fee \1,000-(JPY)...
only FMI2010, SGE or both attendance are uniformly-\1,000-(JPY)
\0-(JPY for Student)
Banquet on 10/22 \6,000-(JPY)
\3,000-(JPY for Student)
Banquet on 10/25 \5,000-(JPY)
\2,500-(JPY for Student)

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